Complete Case Management

PCR offers professional case management on highly technical and multifaceted assignments.  Case managers ensure that all aspects of your case are handled in the most efficient and expedient manner.  Time after time, we maintain our commitment to address each client’s specific requirements.  In order to demonstrate our relentless commitment to client satisfaction, our staff is readily available to answer any questions or concerns that arise.

Document Depository Services & Storage

Personal Court Reporters offers a full-service document depository.  All documents deposited with us are identified and logged.  Our Depository Administrator maintains all case documents on an ongoing basis. Our team of experienced production technicians is always available to help clients research content. Other services provided include: Document Indexing, Bates Stamping, Imaging and Copying Services including oversized and color copying.

Our top-notch technicians have made it possible for our clients to have secure access to their transcripts and exhibits on any mobile device.  Clients also have online access to calendar and billing account information on their cases.  PCR case managers work tirelessly to increase customer satisfaction by improving efficiency so we can go from Good to Great!  With our dedicated case managers, attentive customer service team, and state-of-the-art technology, our clients receive superior service throughout the time their cases are managed.

Fast Turnaround and Quality Production

Personal Court Reporters’ production team is well equipped to handle all your exhibit and transcript management needs.  Our staff works around the clock to ensure that we deliver quality, efficient services in a timely manner.  We scan and convert all exhibits, regardless of document size.  PCR’s management staff is trained to make the proper adjustments and resize images on an as-needed basis.  Scanned items are then uploaded to our secure online document repository for easy access.

Personal Court Reporters’ state-of-the-art technology enables clients to have secure online access to their transcripts and exhibits 24/7 from any computer or mobile device.  In addition to these services, we also give our clients the option between standard and expedited delivery. Completed transcripts are emailed in a convenient bundle containing a full-text word index, condensed transcript and hyperlinked exhibits.

PCR’s goal is to consistently exceed your expectations in customer service and management support.  We work to provide our clients with exceptional service to make your litigation experience as stress free as possible.  Contact us today for more information on our services.  We look forward to meeting your every litigation need!