RealLegal iBinder™

Our firm uses RealLegal iBinder Repository technology to instantly connect you with the transcripts and Publisher Bundles you’ve purchased.  As an authorized user, you can login in to our secure, custom repository to find the materials you need and download them immediately.  Our repository is a delivery alternative that bypasses any possible delays or difficulties related to sending files via email or on diskette.

Our firm can also electronically sign the RealLegal E-Transcript files we produce so you no longer have to wait for certified hard copies.  The files you receive are secure and can be searched, printed, and used in conjunction with the tool voted as the TechnoLawyer Community’s “Favorite Transcript Management Solution” — RealLegal Binder™.  And, you can schedule your next deposition with us directly from the interface of the E-Transcript files we send you.